The Gauge Sensor Solution


The original VTS Gauge position sensor is internal within the VTS Housing and is not serviceable, so when it fails, the complete VTS Housing had be replaced, but not anymore,,,,,

Along with the externally mounted Trim control module, we have developed a new Trim Position Sensor that also installs externally. Not only is it a fraction of the cost for a new VTS Housing, but mounts externally so the VTS Housing never even has to be removed. This sensor attaches right to the outside of the VTS Housing and connects to the existing wiring with ease.   A new VTS Housing cost over $300.00, and we know it will just fail again after a season or two, plus the cost and labor involved to replace the VTS Housing is a huge expense. The Trimfix System is the solution at a very inexpensive price.  This unit can be purchased by itself or included in the kit. Below are some images of the sensor installed. (Please note that VTS Housing removal is not necessary, it is only removed for clarity)



(It is not necessary to remove the VTS Housing for the TrimFix sensor or module installation, it is only removed for clarity)







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